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HR Management Software

Talent Management is the art, science and technology of acquiring and engaging a productive workforce. It goes beyond the traditional HR roles of facilitating and managing recruitment, payroll and benefits, and seeks to understand the value of employees; assess their operational effectiveness; and manage the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

TM strategies translate directly into increased share holder value by utilizing the collective value of your employee base.

eHR is a cutomizable and easy to use web based application covering the entire life cycle of an employee from Recruitment to Resignation or Retirement.



Personnel Management

  • Appointment Details
  • Personal Details
  • Address
  • Education & Experience Details
  • Family Details
  • Assets Details
  • Other Details
  • Medical Information etc.

Attendance Management

  • Integration with Attendance reader biometric devices / thumb impression machine
  • Time in – Time out facility
  • Import feature for remote locations
  • Hierarchy based calendar view
  • Fluctuating Shift Management
  • Flexi Shift Management
  • Holiday application facility
  • Overtime management
  • Regularization feature for all type of delayed attendance


Timesheet Management

  • Enter and submit time-sheets
  • Hours worked with activities and sub-activities
  • Reporting manager to approve or reject time-sheets
  • Any time view of time-sheet to make strategic decisions
  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce time wastage
  • Minimize loss due to employee downtime


Leave Management

  • Leave type defining
  • Leave rule defining engine
  • Online Leave Application / cancellation
  • Leave approval / rejection
  • Automatic leave escalation
  • Leave encasement
  • Comp Off Application and approval and Tracker
  • Hierarchy based calendar view for leave status
  • Real Time Information on leaves for your team
  • Intelligent team analyze.


Claim Reimbursement

  • Reimbursement management for Medical, Travel, Newspaper, Mobile bill, Petrol etc.
  • Approval / Rejection system


Income Tax

  • Define Tax saving investment head
  • Define other Taxable income source master
  • Tax slab parameter defining
  • Income tax calculation according to defined tax slab
  • Generate Form – 16 types (quarterly and other reports)


Payroll Management

  • Configurable Salary Heads
  • Formula Builder
  • Allocate Structure
  • Grade / Employee CTC Structure
  • Arrear Management
  • Variable pay and additional variable pay feature
  • Coverage of all statutory taxes and compliances
  • Tax projection and Tax deduction
  • Investment declaration and approval
  • Income Tax Calculation up to Form 16
  • Salary pay slip generation and configuration.


Shift Roster

  • Define Shift Timings
  • Define Shift Types
  • Employee Notice
  • Manage Variable Week Offs
  • Highly Configurable Roster


Off Time Policy

  • Create and manage Off time policy for different set of people belonging to different Location, Department, etc.


Exit Management

  • Tracks attrition status
  • Exit interview and feedback
  • Asset management & No-dues
  • Relieving / Termination letter
  • Full n Final Settlements



  • Accurate & Seamless integration with your Biometric Recognition / UIDSI Devices for tracking of attendance verification and validation of employee
  • Integration with 3rd party tools


Travel Management

  • Tour Request / cancellation
  • Approve / Reject subordinate request
  • Extend / Shorten tour
  • Fill expense sheet
  • Track tour history


Training Management

  • Training need identification
  • Training calendar
  • Training announcements
  • Nomination for trainings
  • Training attendance
  • Feedback about training


  • Create Job Opening
  • Manage applicant database
  • Skill tagging
  • Define & manage recruitment work
  • Approval / Rejections
  • On boarding employees


Appraisal Management

  • Goal Sheet initiation
  • Identification and finalization of Goal Sheet
  • Goal Sheet sign off
  • Goal Sheet filling and submission
  • Fill Appraisal Form
  • Review and sign off of appraisal



  • HR Metrics based on different criteria
  • Define reports selecting different filters & field options
  • User access rights for each report
  • Save, Download & print report
  • Employee specific personal reports:
  • Graphical representation on HR Dashboard


Overtime Policy

  • Create and manage overtime policy for different set of people belonging to different Location, Departments etc.



Promotion and Transfer

  • The complete transfer and promotion module that is efficient for managing various aspects of transfer and promotion of employees. It also manages joining against promotion and joining against transfer.



ESS Portal

  • View his / her profile
  • Request to update his / her profile
  • Take salary slip
  • Download company policies
  • Form and guidelines
  • View leave balance and apply for leave
  • Send message to other employee
  • Declare his / her tax savings
  • Submit / Claim bills


Remind Me

  • Insurance – Medical / Life / General
  • Installments / EMI
  • Investments
  • Vehicle / Household Equipment servicing
  • Payment / Collections
  • PTM / Examination
  • Taxes
  • Will management
  • Nominee management