Dhirnarayan Marg, Behind Hiti Pokhari Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Data Centre

Silver Lining operates a state of the art Data Centre using best in class next generation equipment providing all types of public and private cloud solutions as well as Disaster Recovery and Managed Services.

Our Data Centre is centrally located near downtown Kathmandu with great accessibility. The location is ideal for DC since there are already existing drop points for all major ISPs in Nepal as well as necessary power and other backup infrastructure necessary for a DC.

The Data Centre has been designed with infrastructure redundancies built in to ensure high availability of Power, Cooling, Security Coverage and Connectivity. The Data Centre uses latest technologies including Cold Aisle Containment to ensure high efficiency cooling with low power consumption.

The Data Centre infrastructure is monitored 24×7 using latest monitoring tools that can alert on minor problems before they can become major downtimes. Skilled sets of people are available on 24×7 basis to monitor and maintain the Data Centre infrastructure.

Power Redundancy

  • We have 3 generators of varying capacities that are on standby to provide electricity when required.
  • We have N+1 UPS backup that can provide continuous back-up up more than 30 minutes.


  • We have Precision Air Conditioners that provide cooling in the Data Centre.
  • We have an cold aisle containment that ensures the equipment in the racks stay cool in the hottest of days.


  • We have redundant network architecture with multiple ISPs from multiple POPs

Fire Detection and Suppressant System

  • We have 11 VESDA based fire detection units in the DC that provides zone-based fire detection system.
  • We have FM200 automatic fire suppressant system in the DC while we also have handheld CO2 extinguishers throughout the DC premises

Logical Security

  • We have logical security at the Data Centre with a network of CCTV cameras and with biometric and proximity sensor locks at all entry and exit points in the DC premises.

Physical Security

  • We have security guards at the Office Complex and the DC premises. In addition, we have provision for all visitors to have photo identification made when they come to the Data Centre.

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • We have 24x7x365 monitoring through our local NOC backed up by 24x7x365 monitoring by Appnomic, based out of Bangalore, India.